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Having trouble sleeping? We can help.

For almost 12 years the Sweet Dreams Center for Sleep Disorders at Neurology Associates has been committed to aiding the community in the evaluation and treatment of sleep disorders. Having established the area’s first accredited sleep lab, we know how to help our patients sleep better. Some of the more common types of sleep disorders we treat, and their symptoms, include the following:


Sleep Apnea
Excessively sleepy during the day, fatigue, snoring, pauses in breathing, weight gain and high blood pressure.


Restless Legs Syndrome
Constantly shaking your leg or foot, numbness of the legs, and a creepy crawling feeling of the legs, especially at bedtime.


Periodic Leg Movement Disorder
Excessively sleeping during the day, fatigue, leg cramps and restless legs.


Sudden attacks of sleep, vivid dreams, sleep paralysis, excessive daytime sleepiness, and brief loss of motor skills.


Nocturnal Seizures
Seizures usually occurring at sleep onset or upon awakening.


(Short term Insomnia) 2-3 days of the inability to fall asleep or stay asleep.

(Chronic Insomnia) Long-term sleep deficit which can be fatal if gone untreated.  Depression, fatigue, loss of short-term memory, and irritability are a few of the results of being sleep deprived.

If you are having trouble or experiencing any of these symptoms, it may be time to ask your family doctor about seeing one of our providers. Our providers work with local sleep labs to perform and evaluate sleep studies and provide sleep disorder treatment.

Education of sleep disorders can be a patient’s best defense in prevention and management of sleep related problems. Visit for more information regarding sleep disorders, treatment and associated issues. is published and supported by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

For more information on sleep disorders and treatment, or to make an appointment with our sleep clinic, contact Neurology Associates at 828-485-2476. Providing the residents of Hickory, Taylorsville, Denver, and the rest of Western North Carolina with a better night’s sleep for over a decade, we’re here to help you rest.

1985 Tate Blvd. SE • Suite 600 • Hickory, NC 28602 • Phone: 828.328.5500 • Fax: 828.485.2517

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