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"I am thrilled to be a part of a trial that may help improve my condition
and may perhaps lead to
a cure one day."
~ Claudia


Clinical Trials

Neurology Associates partners with sponsors (major pharmaceutical companies) and local clinical research centers to offer specialized clinical research studies to our patients and community throughout Western North Carolina and beyond.

Our physicians and physician assistants monitor and evaluate patients in clinical medical trials across a broad range of therapeutic areas.


About Clinical Research Trials

Medical research studies involving people are called clinical trials. The term clinical trial includes both interventional and observational types of studies.

Interventional studies are those in which the research subjects (patients) are assigned by the study investigator to a scheduled treatment or other intervention and their outcomes are measured.

Observational studies are those in which individuals are observed, and their outcomes are measured by the investigators.

Clinical research trials are conducted under rigorous U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines. At the completion of the clinical trial, the sponsor will then submit the data to the FDA for approval.


Clinical research trials focus on:

  • Preventing disease-using drugs, vitamins, and foods to reduce risk
  • Treatment-new drugs or combination of drugs; new ways of giving treatment, and
    new types of treatment
  • Diagnosing disease-new tests or scans
  • Controlling symptoms-new drugs or complementary therapies


Clinical research trials aim to find out if a new experimental drug or procedure is:

  • Safe
  • Has side effects
  • Works better than currently used treatment
  • Helps patients feel better


Clinical trials are designed to:

  • Collect data about investigational medications, devices or procedures that may benefit future patients
    and current research participants
  • Assess both the safety and effectiveness
  • Provide documentation supporting any claim of safety and/or effectiveness


Located in Hickory, North Carolina, Neurology Associates is currently recruiting patients for Clinical Medical and Research Trials. If you would like more information about clinical trials or would like to see if you qualify to participate in one, please call our office at 828-485-2476.


For additional information about clinical trials:



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